Education and Outreach

At CGRER, we believe coping with environmental change requires objective research data to make informed decisions.

Though we're a research institute first and foremost, we also stress education and outreach efforts to help Iowans better understand the environmental challenges we face. We aim to provide research findings on key environmental impacts to decision-makers at all levels, so that they may make more informed choices.

Outreach also involves listening to the concerns and ideas of Iowans as they seek solutions for environmental issues they confront every day in their communities.

Our education and outreach efforts are focused on bringing Iowans together to better understand our environmental challenges and potential solutions for addressing them.

CGRER’s Education and Outreach effort are supported by our weekly environmental news and research radio segments distributed to radio stations and key stakeholders around Iowa.  It is hosted at our blog, Iowa Environmental Focus where we regularly post environmental news, research and analysis. CGRER is also active on Twitter @CGRER and on

In addition CGRER is one of the lead centers in organizing the Iowa Climate Statement. This outreach and education efforts brings together more than 175 science faculty and researchers from more than 35 Iowa colleges and universities to share their expertise about how climate change is impacting Iowans.

We are also the lead convener of the Iowa Climate Science Educators Forum. An annual gathering of Iowa scientists and researchers aimed at sharing the latest Iowa climate information, impacts and mitigation information.

CGRER also sponsors and supports conferences on energy, climate change and environmental issues of interest to Iowans.

If you would like a guest speaker from CGRER to visit your group or organization, please contact Amy Parker at 319-335-3333.


Education and Outreach to our local schools

The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research is committed to sharing our research with the public. Through educational outreach, we hope to provide students with classroom content that comes directly from the researchers studying it. Part of this effort includes providing educational content through PowerPoint presentations.

Here are presentations for a list of topics CGRER members have researched. Each topic has 3 different target age groups, ranging from elementary, to high school. Each presentation also has two versions: the simple presentation with just slides and a teacher version, which provides complete information for the presenter to read either as a script or for content knowledge.