1993 Seed Grant Awards

In 1993, CGRER awarded eight seed grants totaling $103,706.

Free Radicals and Antioxidants in Ultraviolet Radiation

Gary Buettner and Beth Jurkiewicz used sophisticated technologies (electronic paramagnetic resonance) to detect and identify free radicals and catalytic iron in the skin, substances that hypothetically are induced by the sun's ultraviolet radiation and cause skin cancer — one health concern related to ozone depletion.

The Development of a Model of Community-Level Worldviews as a Factor in Local Responses to Global and Regional Change

Janel Curry-Roper studied the community-wide worldviews of nine rural Iowa social groups, in order to better understand the range of possible human responses to environmental change.

Cultural Responses to Environmental Change

James Enloe studied prehistoric human remains from home, in northern Europe, where he is searching ancient campsites for signs of prehistoric hunters' behaviors that allowed occupation of new lands during times of gross environmental change.

Holocene Vegetational Change in the Prairie Peninsula

William Green considered whether studies of wood-charcoal remains from archaeological sites can elucidate prehistoric environmental changes in the same prairie province, such as prairie expansion, changes in forest composition, and the effects anthropogenic fire.

Effect of Habitat Fragmentation of Genetic Diversity in Phlox pilosa

Stephen HendrixRobert Cruden, and Lisa Rigney examined how the reduction of native plant populations — the prairie phlox in particular — impacts genetic diversity, fitness, and the ability to withstand further environmental stresses such as changing climate.

Coupling a Greenhouse Gas Model with NCAR’s Community Climate Model

Jerry Schnoor devised a policy-oriented model to test the effects of reforestation and energy conservation on carbon dioxide concentrations (and hence on global warming).

Integrated Environmental and Economic Analyses of Climate Change Impacts on Crop Production in Iowa

U. Sunday Tim and Ramesh Kanwar extended their efforts from previous year.

Documenting the Diversity of Human Environmental Knowledge: The Case of Alternative Food Production from Fragile Environments in India

D. Michael Warren documented how farmers in India have responded to rapidly changing environments (such as deforested hillsides and saline soils) through developing innovative alternative food production systems.


Friday, January 1, 1993