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The Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment B (INTEX-B) and Megacities Impact on Regional and Global Environment (MIRAGE) field campaigns are taking place from March to May, 2006. Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa, is providing daily chemical weather forecasts in support of these experiments.

We have three coordinated forecasts produced daily. University of Iowa's STEM-2k3 regional chemical transport model are performed in 60km primary domain and 12km nested domain. We also have 60km tracer products. The Weather Research & Forecasting model (WRF) provides meteorological fields to drive these calculations.

Interactive Forecast Viewers (need pop-up windows enabled)

Trans-Pacific 50km Tracer
East Pacific 30km Tracer

Hawaii 60km STEM(end on 04/28/2006)

North America 60km STEM (end on 04/02/2006) Nested 12km STEM over Mexico (end on 04/02/2006)

MIRAGE Vis5D files (end on 04/02/2006)
Adjoint Sensitivity Results for Certain Location

If you want to study current or previous scenarios instead of flight planning, previous forecasts may be more helpful.

Please contact Gregory Carmichael, Youhua Tang or Marcelo Mena for further analyzed products.
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