On-Line Tracers

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There are three online categories
    1) Aerosols
    2) Source Charaterization Tracers
    3) Gases
   1) SO4
SO4 tracers Data

      2) Mineral Dust
Mineral Dust Tracers Data

    3) Sea salt
    4) Black Carbon
Black Carbon Tracers data
    5) Oraganic Carbon
Source Characterization Tracers
    1) Volcanic
Volcanic tracers data

    2) Shipping
    3) Lightning
    4) Oceanic
    5) Fires
    6) Isoprene
    7) Megacities - Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing,  Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Osaka, and Bangkok.
Megacities Tracer Data

    1)Total SO2
SO2 Tracer Data

    3)Total CO
    4) Ethane, Ethene for chemical air mass age determination

Last updated: January 12, 2001